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Staying Calm Through the Storm Somatic First Aid and Homeschool Resources

Welcome to my blog! I have created this for two main purposes, to share somatic (of the body) support exercises and creative homeschool resources to help people through the covid19 crisis. I hope to continue this resource, however, long after the storm has passes.

As a somatic practitioner, I believe in the power of the human nervous system to calm , regulate and heal itself through even the worst experiences. We will all benefit from taking a few moments to check in with our bodies and the sensations within, as a way of creating distance between our minds and emotions. Sharpening our awareness of the natural world will help us through as well, as it is a constant and expands our personal contexts.

Similarly, my first advice to new homeschoolers, is always to BREATHE! Kids are born with a passion for learning, and providing a stimulating environment will eventually lead them back to this natural curiosity.

To start things out I have included a link for some great homeschool ideas and activities, all fun, engaging and free:

Now, here is a video on my favorite somatic first aid exercise: Orientation! I will follow up with more explanations:

Finally, here are two simple support activities anyone can use. The video is designed for therapists but they can be used on yourself or for friends- ignore the label "traumatized"- we all have a little trauma somehwere!

Its my belief that we can get through this and any other troubled times by allowing our natural systems to do the work they know how to do. We have some unique opportunities in the midst of this hardship- to slow down, to notice, to be in the natural world and with our families in a quieter way than modern life often allows. Be well!!


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