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Clinical Herbalism

Clinical Herbalism is an effective and thorough approach to herbal medicine. Focusing primarily on plants from North America, it examines how the chemical constituents of each plant interact with various systems in the body to support maximum function and healing. If you come in for an herbal consultation, you  will complete a thorough intake form with questions about your symptoms or complaints , as well as general health information such as eating and sleep habits, to aid me in finding the best possible combination of herbs or dietary supplements for your specific situation. I was trained at the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine under the late (and great) Michael Moore, who taught a very Western approach to herbs. However I have also informally studied East-West Medicine through Michael Tierra, and as such am somewhat influenced by a TCM/Eastern perspective of energetics and constitutional analysis of the whole person when creating a formula or plan.
In addition to full herbal intakes and consultations, I am happy to offer herbal recommendations to massage or SE clients that may support their healing process.