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UPDATE: 3 Shields Healing Is Now Open for Massage Appointments! Herbal Consults and Somatic Experiencing Sessions are Also Available In Person and Online.

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By Drea Rightsell, LMT, SEP, Clinical Herbalist


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage(DTM) is an extremely effective treatment for a wide variety of symptoms and issues. Deeper, more specific and personalized than a standard Swedish massage, DTM can help immensely with chronic conditions such sciatica, injury recovery, tension and anxiety, high blood pressure, even arthritis and scar tissue. You can check out the link below for more information on DTM.  At 3 Shields, I am committed to working with every client to customize your care and maximize the benefits of each bodywork session. I use a combination of traditional massage, Neuro-Muscular Therapy, Myofacial treatment and Joint Mobility Techniques, tailored to your specific history and current needs. You will complete a short intake form at the beginning of your first session, and we will continue to consult about your health plan as we work together. People of all ages, conditions and levels of health and fitness can benefit from Deep Tissue Massage at 3 Shields Healing!

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Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing is a gentle, yet highly effective therapeutic practice that helps release traumatic stress from our lives. Traumatic stress is simply extra energy, stored in our bodies, left over from an overwhelming event. We do not have to have lived through a “major” trauma in order to have this extra energy - indeed most everyone has some.

 Developed by Dr. Peter Levine and inspired by studies of wild animals, Somatic Experiencing is a technique to help us become more aware of the sensations in our bodies. These sensations, we learn, are often “signals” from our nervous system indicating how we can heal from stress.  The more aware we become of our sensations, the more our bodies are able to transform  stress into beneficial energy. We can become whole, balanced and in control of our lives again.


This healing process is based on the understanding of our biological stress responses known as fight/flight/ or freeze.  These biological “codes” are embedded in our nervous systems and are very powerful.

When we have not been able to respond appropriately to an overwhelming situation, such as a real or perceived threat, these ancient survival patterns express themselves through feelings, sensations and behavior that may not serve us. They often take the form of symptoms such as PTSD, depression, anger, anxiety, sleep disorders, addiction, chronic pain, phobias, eating disorders, or almost any other maladaptive response. Indeed, from the somatic perspective, these symptoms are actually our bodies natural way of releasing the extra energy left over from the incomplete survival response.

By engaging in active awareness of one's body and allowing it to resolve this energy in a safe, contained process, we can release it and return to a balanced system and a more present, embodied, joyful life. In this way, Somatic Experiencing can change your life. At 3 Shields Healing, I offer the option of using Somatic Experiencing on its own or combined with deep tissue massage or herbal therapy. Together we can maximize your ability to heal and become balanced again.

To find out more about Somatic Experiencing and Peter Levine's work, visit www.traumahealing.com,

or visit my facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/3-Shields-Healing-480844668781937/messages/?threadid=569071730&timestamp=1490935158931

and follow the link to Rays Story


Clinical Herbalism

Clinical Herbalism is an effective and thorough approach to herbal medicine. Focusing primarily on plants from North America, it examines how the chemical constituents of each plant interact with various systems in the body to support maximum function and healing. If you come in for an herbal consultation, you  will complete a thorough intake form with questions about your symptoms or complaints , as well as general health information such as eating and sleep habits, to aid me in finding the best possible combination of herbs or dietary supplements for your specific situation. I was trained at the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine under the late (and great) Michael Moore, who taught a very Western approach to herbs. However I have also informally studied East-West Medicine through Michael Tierra, and as such am somewhat influenced by a TCM/Eastern perspective of energetics and constitutional analysis of the whole person when creating a formula or plan.

In addition to full herbal intakes and consultations, I am happy to offer herbal recommendations to massage or SE clients that may support their healing process.



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